Congratulations on getting Gates!!!! Lots of hugs & best wishes from Georgia!!! :D

awww thank you <3

Life Update 4.18.14

Seriously so much has happened since my last update

  • I am proud to say I am UCLABOUND!! I could not have found out in a perfect way inside the chapel of the retreat center with the church family surrounding me!
  • I am extremely blessed to be a DELL Scholar as well as a GATES MILLENNIUM Scholar so now I can afford my beautiful campus
  • Remember that midterm for Dual, well I got my for 95% that’s my highest ever in that class haha
  • I finally got to lector! I read for the Youth Ministry and Young Adults stations of the cross
  • I have my first sorta job, I’ll be working the polls at election day and getting payed woo!
  • I survived all of lent without starbs </3 going to get some on Saturday
  • Speaking of Saturday I’m attending Bruin Day finally and I am beyond excited, I get to hang out at my future campus with the big brother so it shall be interesting haha
  • Senioritis has never been more real than this semester
  • I STILL NEED TO FINISH SPANISH!!! I will don’t worry I need to or else I’ll be stuck at home forever :O
  • Prom is May 3rd bought my dress two days ago, definitely not traditional, but I like it
  • May 9th AVID senior ceremony :)
  • Grad Night and Senior Awards soon :O
  • But before that….AP EXAMS are coming soon ugh 6 exams (I’m Going to die)
  • I have my research paper due soon but….I’m lazy :O
  • That’s about it mainly my future is set and now I just have to battle laziness :P haha


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